Eating Healthy in Tel Aviv – 100% vegan restaurants in Israel

Vegan restaurant in tel aviv

Dining out in Tel Aviv isn’t easy to resist. Especially if you’re visiting friends, in town for business, or on the vacation of a lifetime. But it is possible to enjoy your meals out on the town without packing on the pounds. Here are a few ideas for staying healthy in the city.

Go light at breakfast
Yes, this is the opposite of the old advice to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, but hear us out. Lunch and dinner are simply always going to be more social, so save your calories for drinks, appetizers and entrees at those two meals, and enjoy lean sources of protein like eggs along with fruit and whole grain toast for your morning meal. Make a deal with yourself that if you go light at breakfast, you can treat yourself to a coffee drink from one of Tel Aviv’s premier coffee shops.

Learn to love vodka
This is perhaps not advice we’d ask you to repeat to your grandmother, but since dining out often involves indulging in a drink or two, it’s a good opportunity to save yourself some calories. Clear alcohols like vodka and white rum contain the fewest calories, and when combined with low-cal mixers like tonic water and diet soda, you won’t be doing much damage to your diet at all.

Go vegan
Just temporarily. Or permanently, if you’d like. Not only is it absolutely possible to find a great vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel, but it’s possible to find a wide variety of them. Skipping the meats and cheeses that so often are a major part of lunch and dinner entrees will save you major calories, but while you’re enjoying the delicious vegan fare available in restaurants all over the city, you’ll hardly even notice you’re being healthy.

Consider sharing a variety of appetizers
Dining at a vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel isn’t the only way to eat healthy while still thoroughly enjoying yourself. Anyone who has ever eaten out with a group knows how much time is spent staring longingly at everyone else’s plates. It almost seems a shame to go to a restaurant and only get to taste one dish. So why do that? See if you can get your group on board with ordering a variety of appetizers and share plates so you can all get a nibble of a number of dishes. Not only will you get to try many new foods, but you’ll also avoid cleaning your plate of a heavy and rich dish that will proceed directly to your thighs or waistline.

Where to eat Vegan in Israel – A Restaurant Guide edited by Ori Shavit