Cross-Device Docking Station that Works!


There are many gadgets out there that claim to do it all, however, the udoq 400 universal docking station doesn’t just live up to its claims, but really does the job.


The udoq was designed, developed, and patented by Marcus Kuchler whose product design company, Marwin Product Development is based in Munich since its launch in 1990. Kuchler wanted to organize the many mobiles, chargers, and cables that were causing chaos in his home. The outcome was the attractive, tidy, desktop udoq — a one-size fits all, all-in-one, sustainable, flexible, and simple docking station. The udoq is truly universal as it is compatible with all brands, all devices, and all generations. With the elegant organizer say goodbye to endless searches for chargers and cables, because once your gadget is installed, each handheld has a fixed place. Charged and tidy!

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If your home is shared between Apple and Android, there’s no problem. The station docks Tablets, eReader, Smartphones, and Music-Player. Udoq can even be connected to your original chargers, your PC, or a supplementary multi-port USB charger.

How it Works

The aluminum base of the udoq can be customized to your home’s particular needs. You can choose from four case sizes: the udoq 250, which is 9.8 inches; the udoq 400, 15.7 inches; the udoq 550, 21.6 inches; or the udoq 700, at 27.5 inches. The building process is simple, because one doesn’t need to select the size of the gadget until you place the devices in that need to be charged. How? A visit to shows a drop-down menu where you select the brand, model, and device you want. After each selection, an animated edition pops up that shows your charging base and how much room you have remaining until you need the next model.

Using ‘bumpers’ that hold the connecting cable for a specific device, the udoq is able to charge each device independently. One can simply adjust the device’ connector cables in 4 steps within the adapters to fit mobiles with protection cases of up to 8mm in thickness. This adjustability, along with the cables that are inserted at the side and positioned in your order of preference, is all patented technology. Using just one hand, you can line up your mobiles side-by-side and simultaneously fully operate them.

There are also preconfigured varieties of the docks available for Apple (iPad, iPhone, even Apple watch) and for Android. In addition, you can purchase a Qi wireless adapter or a kit to mount your udoq on the wall.

Thanks to the amazing market response as well as demand, there are more developments, accessories, and functions constantly being added to the udoq gadget every quarter.