The Billionaire Yacht Owner’s Guide to Sailing with Style in 2015

Sailing around in a 2014 yacht is just so passé. For the man or woman who has it all, to do some real sailing with style you need to be sporting the very latest in yachts, and in 2015 you’ll have lots of opportunities to check out the ultimate in luxury at some of the best yacht shows in the world. Gas up the jet or prepare to use those first class frequent flier miles, because you’ll be rendezvousing with the international elite all around the world! So where will be the best place to buy another superyacht to add to one’s collection?

Decadence in Dubai

The Dubai International Boat Show takes place Tuesday 3 March through Saturday 7 March 2015, and is the perfect place to pick up a top-of-the line yacht…or three. This show will feature 430 of the finest superyachts and leisure craft from around the world, so you’re certain to find something that works for you. Aside from the world’s most luxurious superyachts for your perusal, you can bone up on how to actually pilot the thing by attending conferences, live events and even exciting demonstrations by the prestigious Emirates Diving Association.

There will also be displays by local dealers and international companies, and a chance to participate in match racing with your arch-rival oligarch. The event is expected to draw 26,000 visitors and is held at the prestigious Dubai International Marine Club, so be sure to shine your shoes.


Luxury in London

The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show is a calendar date you shouldn’t miss as it gives you the chance to show off your love of all things extravagant, all under the same roof! Taking place in London Wednesday 8 April through Friday 10 April 2015, visitors can enjoy yachting, design, fine art and product showcases. Superyacht companies such as Lurssen Yachts, Abeking & Rasmussen, Amels, and Nobiskrug will be exhibiting yachts for the ultimate sailing with style, with some of the latest models on display if you feel like opening up your checkbook.

Greed in Greece

All of the coolest billionaires were at the first Mediterranean Yacht Show last year. Where were you? This year, the show takes place Saturday 2 May through Wednesday 6 May 2015 in Nafplion, Greece. The show will feature luxury charter yachts and superyachts of all sizes, along with a variety of industry professionals offering their goods, services and expertise.


Money in Monaco

On Wednesday 23 September through Saturday 26 September, the small country of Monaco will be hosting the largest megayacht event on earth, The Monaco Yacht Show. This show offers the ultimate in sailing with style, and may be the best place to splash your cash if you can wait till then. You’ll have the opportunity to see a fleet of 115 custom-made superyachts and megayachts 25 to 100 meters long.

The show will include 500 yacht manufacturers, builders, designers, suppliers, and representatives of yachting federations and associations all vying for your hard-earned trust fund. Ticket prices are €150 per day and are available on show days. Professional visits may purchase a 4 day pass for €500. This is of course very reasonable, but remember to factor in tickets for your servant staff, and Bollinger for your entourage!