The art of body painting: festivals around the world

There are plenty of excellent reasons to travel the world. People everywhere are booking plane tickets for everything from a simple desire for adventure to culinary tourism, photographic ambitions, endurance athletic competitions, music festivals, and many reasons beyond.
With the growth in popularity of the art of body painting, we’re also seeing an increase in the number of people who are globe-trotting in an effort to take in as much of this unique art form as they can. We think this is an excellent reason to see the world, and in an effort to encourage these travels, here we have a few of the biggest and best body painting festivals from around the world.

The big one: the World Body Painting Festival in Pörtschach am Wörthersee

The World Body Painting Festival has been an annual celebration of greatness in body painting since 1998. Not only does this festival serve as the world’s greatest showcase of body painting, but it’s also the world championships for body paint artists. If you are anyone at all in the world of body painting, you will be here.

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This year the World Body Painting Festival will be taking place from July 28, 2015 to July 5, 2015 at Lake Wörthersee in Pörtschach, Austria. In addition to body painters, the festival also attracts all kinds of musicians, artists, photographers and fashion designers for various shows and concerts. This festival is basically one giant week-long party in a picturesque setting filled with people in body paint. See you there.

The new kid on the block: the Face and Body Painting Festival in Gibraltar

If you needed another reason to visit the stunning southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, then here it is. Gibraltar’s 2015 Face and Body Painting Festival will be just the third year this festival has been held, but what it lacks in experience it makes up for in enthusiasm. This festival is more focused in on the art of body painting than perhaps the World Body Painting Festival is, because while it has plenty of sideshows and additional events, they’re all pretty body painting focused. Expect plenty of demos and lessons.
The Gibraltar Face and Body Painting Festival will be held from April 17th to April 20th, 2015.

The Art of Music, as expressed by body painting: Paintopia in Norfolk, UK

Many body painting festivals pick a theme for each year, and Paintopia is typically one of the first to announce which theme they’re going with. From May 8th to 10th in Norfolk, folks from around the world will be celebrating the Art of Music at Paintopia 2015. This year Paintopia will feature three days of body painting competition, a Paintopia parade, and a major live concert.